Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Week of Healthy Involvement & Discourse

Picking mulberries!

Corner Concerts

Earth Day Final harvest lunch

MS Advisory sessions

Healthy snacks/smoothies

G1 Making functional accessories from plastic bags

Farmer's market sample give-away

A few of our Walk for Water participants

Healthy World, Healthy Me Week intended to bring the issue of personal healthy, balanced lifestyles, global environmental health and sustainability into the forefront in an "it's all related" kind of way. The approach was very much "crowd sourced" meaning that the schedule offered itself for the benefit of those who wanted to take a moment - or longer - to highlight elements of personal choice (from working out to the food choices we make) and to celebrate the great things that already happen at ASD.  There was a little bit for everyone, from classroom and advisory conversations to after-school activities to yoga and exercise sessions. 

All in all it was a week that brought to the forefront the many things these school does that are aimed at bringing balance and health to the community. The pictures above offer a glimpse of some of the events that took place. Of course, though the week was intended at focusing on the issues of health, we all know that a week won't do the trick. It's important to continue along that path and to make personal choices that are beneficial both to one's self, the community and the world at large. A great week overall!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Healthy World, Healthy Me Week

Born of two simultaneous seeds of inspiration - to extend opportunities for healthy habits and an awareness of global environmental health - this year ASD is welcoming a new concept... Healthy World, Healthy Me Week!

The week is intended as a 'crowd sourcing of opportunities and celebration' for those who want to focus, a little or a lot, on personal choices, learning about healthy eating and doing, sustainability in a personal, community and global context, etc. The week features a number of opportunities that are available weekly (did you know about them?) such as yoga and sports before and after school. But it also features a few items that are being introduced with a bit of a focus on either personal healthy habits (such as the Fitness Blast) or on sustainable lifestyles (like the Farmer's Market sample giveaway). In addition it highlights student run events such as the Walk for Water (by the Global Issues Network) and the Kids for Wish Kids Survivor event.  This is supported by on-going, week-long initiatives such as the calming art options in the libraries. There's lots of little things going on in this school so why not check a few out!  Check out the calendar below for some ideas!